Unlocking the Mysteries: Exploring ‘That Which Flows By’ Manhwa

That Which Flows By

“That Which Flows By” is a fascinating Manhwa (Korean comedian) series created via Ha Il-Kwon. That Which Flows By Originally serialized on Naver Webtoon, a popular online platform for webcomics, the collection debuted in 2019 and has because of the truth received an extensive following amongst readers globally.

Plot Summary:

The tale revolves spherical Kim Tae-Hoon, a younger guy upset with the monotony of his everyday existence. His stumble upon a mysterious girl named Yeon Ha-Yeon, who possesses the capacity to manipulate time, units off a chain of activities that thrusts him right into a surreal realm called the “That Which Flows By.” In this enigmatic size, time flows specially, and Tae-Hoon unearths himself embarking on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Key Themes:


That Which Flows By delves into existential themes which include the look for means and cause in life. Through Tae-Hoon’s journey, the gathering explores questions surrounding identity, choice, and the nature of fact.

Time and Reality:

The concept of time is primary to the narrative, with the Flowing World serving as a metaphorical example of the fluidity of life. As Tae-Hoon navigates this exchange size, he grapples with the complexities of time and its impact on his belief in reality.

Personal Growth: 

Throughout the collection, Tae-Hoon undergoes sizable non-public growth as he confronts his fears, regrets, and desires. His interactions with Ha-Yeon and other characters in the Flowing World lead to profound revelations approximately himself and the sector around him.

Art Style:

Ha, Il-Kwon’s artwork in “That Which Flows By” is characterized by its complicated detail, dynamic compositions, and shiny use of color. The artist’s skillful portrayal of characters and environments immerses readers in the fantastical international of the collection, enhancing the overall reading experience.


“That Which Flows By” has received vast approval for its compelling narrative, concept-provoking themes, and lovely artwork. Fans have praised the collection for its enticing storyline, properly-developed characters, and emotional intensity, cementing its status as a standout name within the Manhwa style.

Characters of That Which Flows By:

Kim Tae-Hoon: 

The protagonist of the collection, Tae-Hoon is a younger man who feels trapped within the monotony of his regular existence. His come upon with Yeon Ha-Yeon leads him on an adventure of self-discovery and adventure in the Flowing World.

Yeon Ha-Yeon: 

A mysterious female with the potential to govern time, Ha-Yeon performs a pivotal role in Tae-Hoon’s journey. She serves as his guide and mentor as they navigate the challenges of the Flowing World collectively.

Flowing Beings: 

Enigmatic entities that inhabit the That Which Flows By, the Flowing Beings own specific abilities and traits. They frequently function as obstacles or allies to Tae-Hoon and Ha-Yeon as they discover this surreal dimension.

That Which Flows By


The That Which Flows By is a mysterious and surreal realm wherein time flows differently from the real global. It is filled with otherworldly landscapes, unfamiliar beings, and hidden mysteries waiting to be determined. As Tae-Hoon and Ha-Yeon traverse this size, they come across numerous demanding situations and limitations that take a look at their resolve and deepen their knowledge of themselves and the sector around them.


Identity and Self-Discovery: 

Tae-Hoon’s journey through the Flowing World forces him to confront his very own identification and confront the truths approximately himself. As he navigates this surreal panorama, he discovers hidden factors of his persona and learns to simply accept himself for who he simply is.

Friendship and Connection: 

The bond between Tae-Hoon and Ha-Yeon grows more potent as they face demanding situations collectively inside the Flowing World.Their friendship serves as a supply of energy and aid, highlighting the significance of human connection in overcoming adversity.

Acceptance and Redemption: 

Throughout the series, Tae-Hoon grapples with emotions of guilt and regret from his beyond. However, his experiences inside the Flowing World educate him, with valuable classes, about forgiveness, reputation, and the possibility of redemption.


“That Which Flows By” has left a substantial effect on readers, both in South Korea and the world over. Its compelling narrative, complex characters, and exquisite artwork have earned it rewards from fanatics and critics alike. The collection has sparked discussions approximately existentialism, the character of truth, and the human experience, resonating with readers on a profound level.


“That Which Flows By” has left an enduring legacy within the global of Manhwa, inspiring different creators and influencing the style with its revolutionary storytelling and lovely visuals. Its issues of time, reality, and identification hold to resonate with readers, making it a undying tradition inside the realm of webcomics.

Plot Development:

Mystery and Intrigue: 

As Tae-Hoon delves deeper into the Flowing World, he uncovers mysteries secrets and techniques that assign his knowledge of truth. The collection is marked by twists and turns that preserve readers engaged and keen to unravel the enigma of the Flowing World.

Character Growth: 

Throughout the series, Tae-Hoon undergoes high-quality character improvement as he confronts his fears and insecurities. His adventure isn’t just bodily but additionally inner, as he grapples together along with his private inner demons and struggles to locate his location in the global.


Ha Il-Kwon masterfully crafts the arena of “That Which Flows By,” developing a wealthy and immersive setting that feels both fantastical and familiar. Through brilliant descriptions and tricky paintings, he brings the Flowing World to lifestyles, inviting readers to explore its wonders and uncover its secrets and techniques.

Themes of Time and Reality:

Time as a Construct: 

The idea of time is valuable to the collection, with the Flowing World serving as a metaphor for the fluidity of temporal enjoyment. Through Tae-Hoon’s adventure, the series challenges traditional notions of time and reality, inviting readers to contemplate the nature of lifestyles and the passage of time.

Parallel Realities: 

The Flowing World blurs the boundaries between beyond, present, and destiny, developing an experience of temporal disorientation that provides the collection’ mystique. As Tae-Hoon navigates this surreal landscape, he encounters echoes of his own beyond and glimpses of viable futures, raising questions about fate, free will, and the interconnectedness of all things.

The Illusion of Control: 

ae-Hoon’s experiences inside the Flowing World force him to confront the phantasm of managing the andmanagementnevitability of change. Through his interactions with Ha-Yeon and other characters, he learns to embrace uncertainty and let pass of his need for certainty, ultimately finding freedom in surrendering to the go-with-the-flow of time.

Themes of Identity and Transformation:

Identity Crisis: 

Throughout the series, Tae-Hoon grapples with questions of identity and self-discovery as he confronts his beyond and contemplates his destiny. His journey through the Flowing World forces him to confront the elements of himself he’d alternatively ignore, main to moments of profound introspection and growth.

Transformation and Renewal:

That Which Flows By explores the subject of transformation, each on a personal and cosmic level. As Tae-Hoon and Ha-Yeon navigate the Flowing World, they go through profound modifications, losing vintage selves and embracing new possibilities. Their adventure serves as a metaphor for the transformative strength of self-mirrored image and reputation.

Symbolism and Allegory:

The Flowing World as Metaphor: 

The Flowing World serves as a powerful metaphor for the fluidity of lifestyles and the ever-changing nature of fact. Its transferring landscapes and temporal anomalies characterize the unpredictability of existence and the want to conform and evolve in the face of uncertainty.

The River of Time: 

The river that flows through the Flowing World is a habitual motif within the collection, symbolizing the inexorable march of time and the cyclical nature of existence. Its currents constitute the ebb and glide of existence, sporting Tae-Hoon and Ha-Yeon on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Artistic Style:

Visual Metaphors: 

Ha Il-Kwon employs visible metaphors and symbolism to decorate the thematic intensity of the series. From dreamlike landscapes to surreal imagery, his artwork captures the airy beauty of the Flowing World and underscores the collection’s philosophical underpinnings.

Emotional Depth: 

The characters’ expressions and frame language deliver a variety of emotions, from pleasure and marvel to sorrow and melancholy. Ha Il-Kwon’s interest in elements and potential to evoke emotion via imageruploadsad intensity and complexity to the collection, drawing readers similarly into the tale.

Dynamic Action: 

In addition to its introspective moments, “That Which Flows By” capabilities thrilling movement sequences that show off Ha Il-Kwon’s talent as a storyteller and artist. From severe battles to coronary heart-pounding chases, the series can provide pulse-pounding pleasure alongside its philosophical musings.

That Which Flows By

Narrative Structure:

Nonlinear Storytelling: 

The narrative of “That Which Flows By” unfolds in a nonlinear style, with flashbacks, time loops, and parallel timelines intersecting to create a multi-layered narrative. This nontraditional storytelling approach provides intrigue and suspense to the collection, maintaining readers guessing as they piece collectively the puzzle of the Flowing World.

Pacing and Tension:

Ha Il-Kwon skillfully manages the pacing of the story, alternating between moments of introspection and high-stakes movement to hold tension and momentum. The collection strikes a stability between quiet, contemplative scenes and pulse-pounding thrills, making sure that readers stay engaged from beginning to completion.


In conclusion, “That Which Flows By” is a fascinating Manhwa collection that intricately weaves collectively issues of identification, time, and transformation. Through its engaging characters, thought-scary narrative, and stunning artwork, the collection gives readers a captivating adventure into a surreal global packed with thriller and self-discovery. With its profound themes and compelling storytelling, “That Which Flows By” stands as a testimony to the creative prowess of its writer, Ha Il-Kwon, and continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences globally.

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